Rainbow Falls Ice Racing- Robert Volpe


What do a premier private fly fishing club and a motorcycle club have in common?
When the lake freezes solid and the fish are safely encased in their homes for the winter, the thick ice is a perfect place to race motorcycles and ATV’s.

Every winter since 1966, motorcycle enthusiasts have gathered north of Woodland Park at Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout Ranch, to race on the ice. This year’s event is the 50th annual Colorado State Championships Ice Racing Series. It features the state’s fastest professional and amateur racers on motorcycles, quads, mini bikes, and speedway bikes with or without studded tires in events throughout the day. The racers include adults and children, and guys and gals.

Adult classifications (15 years or older) are broken down into 4 categories: Studded tire motorcycle, Bare tire motorcycle, Studded quad and bare tire quad. For racers less than 14 years of age there are mini-quad and mini-bike studded and bare tire classifications.

The scent of 2 stroke exhaust fumes lingered in the air as several hundred spectators watched racers compete. With engines roaring and spectators cheering the racers sped around the oval track, skidding dangerously close to losing control in the turns.

The weather couldn’t have been better for the race. After a week of sub-zero temperatures, that froze the lake ice to a depth of 15 inches, the sun shined and post card, bluebird skies greeted the crowd.

If you’d like to join in on the fun, there are four more weekends of racing to come. Sunday January 10th, January 24th, January 31st, and winding up on February 14th.

From Woodland Park go north on Hyway 67, twelve miles. Take the first right turn after entering Douglas County and bare left on the dirt road to Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout Ranch. Admission is $10 per person and children under 12 are free,