Those Nasty Facts – Murph Unleashed

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results. – Rita Mae Brown, also attributed to Einstein
The above little bit of wisdom is why I think communists, socialists, and democrats are not well balanced. Okay, I want to set some things straight. First, the Veteran’s Administration is not a socialist program. It is a program that is in essence to care for soldiers who were wounded or damaged through military service. It is an earned benefit and not an entitlement. Well actually I guess it could be considered an entitlement that is owed to soldiers by a sometimes less than grateful nation. As with most government programs it is often abused and mismanaged. Social security was a program set up under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to help old people in their twilight years and guarantee them an income in their retirement years. The age for collecting social security was age 62. The average life expectancy at the time social security was instituted, you guessed it, age 62. People pay into social security and they expect that there should be some return on “investment”, this make it something that some people paid for in their lifetime. It is a benefit to which they are entitled for participating. That return is based on their median average lifetime income. A minimum wage earner can expect to receive less from social security than an above average wage earner. But today social security is a safety net for those unwilling to work. But well, it is what I would call a collectivist program.
Let’s look at social security, food stamps, and Social Security Income (SSI) as a wagon. Everyone is expected to pull the wagon, while they can, by paying into the system. As more and more people discover that they can simply jump on the wagon instead of pulling the wagon that it is although a meager existence, it is a hell of a lot easier than working for existence. Like unwed moms who decide that by having a half dozen kids that the paycheck just keeps going up regardless of how they live. Eventually there are more people riding the wagon than pulling the wagon and eventually you will find there are no longer enough people paying into the system to feed, house and clothe all the people who are along for the “free” ride. Eventually the system collapses. It takes effort to create wealth, and governments never create wealth, when you have more people consuming the wealth than are creating the wealth, and the government just printing trillions of dollars and funding the system the dollars lose their value and the government and the country find themselves with reduced credit ratings and paper money that is worthless. Only material items have real value. Get used to it, it’s a fact.
As far as police, firemen, roads, and hospitals go, these are not entitlements. Those men work for their money and people agree to pay their taxes for the services. Increased services mean increased taxes. YOU and not the government creates that wealth. The government simply decides on the re-allocation of those funds where the funds are considered to be most needed. Our highway/freeway system which was established by President Eisenhower was for national defense and to promote commerce and trade. At the end of the day these are services necessary for a safe and flourishing economy.
When the government takes away from one and simply gives to another, that is the “redistribution” of wealth and what one works for and has to give up, he must do without so that another can have a cheeseburger because the non-working party deserves a cheeseburger. That my friends is socialism. Unlimited medical care is not an entitlement, it must be earned. People do the hard jobs for personal gain. If you had the opportunity, would you spend all the time becoming a doctor, or an attorney, or truck driver, knowing that you could make just as much as a person who was a librarian, ditch digger or dishwasher? Probably not. But what you will find is that most people are willing to give away the wealth of others as long as the one giving it away doesn’t have to work for it. Make it real easy to be a bleeding heart when it doesn’t come out of your own pocket. So today, as a result, our country suffers from trillions in unfunded liabilities. Unfunded liabilities means debt and future debt that the government has no idea where the wealth is coming from. Yea, I didn’t say money, they can print the stuff, the question will be, what is it worth? Add an aging baby boomer population without enough worker bees and, voila, more unfunded liabilities.
Where does this lead to, well when governments can no longer honor their debts, when goods and services do not cross borders, then soldiers do. It is a historical fact. The only winners are the banksters and the one who wins the conflict, they will get their pound of flesh. The same bank(s) funded the both sides during World War II. In fact Herbert Bush’s bank was shut down for funding the NAZIs during WWII.
So, as we sit on the brink of still another world war due to our poor economic performance and the general hatred of a Muslim population and a jealous world, and a less than stellar leader, I think folks should be considering what they think is important.
So while you are thinking about that, I would ask all those who are all about allowing however many thousand refugees into the US that President Obama wants to let in to ask themselves the following question. Would I open my house and accept, with welcoming arms, ANY refugee that was sent? Would I be okay with a next door neighbor who was a refugee from Syria? Even though these people abhor my way of life? Think about it. If one percent of one hundred thousand refugees are radicalized that is a mere one thousand radical muslims. Now let’s do the math, it took eight refugees in France to kill around 129 people. That’s only a little over 16 dead per terrorist. Now multiply that times one thousand people. That’s only about sixteen thousand dead.
Now let’s use the same math with the Boston Bombers, unless it was a false flag, I put nothing past my government anymore. Two brothers kill three people and injure one hundred thirty people, yes, the Tsarnaev brothers were refugees too, at that rate we would have 65 injured and 1.5 dead per extremist. Multiply those numbers by a thousand.
None the less I pretty much blame President Obama for the situation in the Middle East with his support of the Arab Spring uprisings. There is no longer anything balancing the power in the Middle East, there are only wolves fighting for power and control wanting to spread their hatred worldwide.
War is an ugly thing that most Americans have only seen in a film. It is bloody, it is gory, it is unsavory. The question is will our legislature allow an inept President to import terrorist to American soil in direct violation of Article Four Section Four of the Constitution? No matter how Obama tries with his piss poor Alynski style tactics verbiage that accuses people of being afraid of three year old refugees, I am not buying it, all terrorist were once three years old. If Obama successfully opens the flood gates even further for people whose only goal is world domination and furthering a theocracy that is at best abhorrent, I can promise you more of the same here in the good old USA.
This administration has either had to create more crisis to cover up it’s previous faux pas or it has such a poor grip on things that the methodologies of hope and change have created an atmosphere of lawlessness and one stupid act after another. From Fast and Furious, Black lives matter, Libya, and the list of poorly handled situations we can only smile, nod, and wonder what the next “crisis” will entail.
God bless us everyone, let us pray that we see some change in leadership soon…..actually, let’s pray that we get an effective leader soon rather than a spoiled frat boy who is at best a pretender, an Alynski-ite, and a fake from the word go. I finally must admit, the electoral college that was put in place to keep “we the people” from being fooled by a pretender and poser definitely failed the American people from the word go. Let us pray that we don’t fail ourselves.