Letter to the Editor 11.24.15

I’m proud of our governor and our president. If nobody else wants the Syrian refugees send them all here. Colorado and the United States have always stepped up when needed.

When tuberculosis ran rampant, Colorado built spas and told the sick to come here. In the 1840’s the Irish were facing famine and the United States took them in. In 1918, fifty million people died from Spanish Influenza but we didn’t close our borders. During the second world war when the Nazi were killing Jews by the thousands, we didn’t add a religion test and say sorry we only accept Christians.

We built the Panama Canal, put a man on the moon and discovered a cure for polio. We have always tried to be the best and that doesn’t mean closing our borders, adding a religious test or telling people we are afraid to let them come here because there may be an extremist hiding among them. Nine million human beings have been forced out of their homes and over the next year we are going to allow ten thousand in. That’s two hundred per state and we should be embarrassed that it’s so few.

I’m proud to live in a state that refuses to bow to terrorism by trying to exclude people that need our help. The United States has never been afraid to help those in need and I pray we don’t start now. If we do, we need to sell the Statue of Liberty for scrap because we no longer hold the values that it represents.

Kim Francis