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Living with Idiocrasy
I recently viewed the movie “Idiocrasy” which was made in 2006. Private Joe Bauers, who was the definition of “average American” and chosen by the Pentagon to be the test subject for a top-secret hibernation program. After a crazy turn of events he is forgotten and awakens five centuries in the future. He lands in a society so incredibly dumbed down, so stupid, that he’s easily the most intelligent person alive.
Today I look around me and I see what I long ago predicted, having come from small town America, America is getting more and more stupid as time passes. It hit me after my family moved to a small southern town where pretty much everybody in the county was related. You didn’t talk about anyone without causing a family feud.
I guess I am the odd man out in many areas. My IQ, I am told is above average. Maybe that’s why I have a hard time associating and seeing the humor and see more horror in such TV shows as “Jackass”. Most of the humor in “Idiocracy” was along those lines. Just brainless, painful humor.
Today, I understand why it is so difficult for small business owners to find people who make good employees. Just because….
Politicians now have most Americans that the government creates jobs. We all know government can create jobs. Always at taxpayer expense, always jobs that underpin government objectives, always producing nothing other than support for some government agenda.
Real jobs produce real stuff. Today we have been reduced to a predominantly services society. Very little is produced by American workers. Most parts and equipment are made overseas and shipped here for somebody else to assemble so the tag can say “ASSEMBLED IN THE USA”. But hey, the economy is doing great and we now have Common Core to make sure no child is left behind on the march to stupidity.
I also now understand why so few people want to be business owners or start a business, there is very little profit in business. You give it all away in taxes.
So we have a situation in the Middle East in which Russia is siding with Assad. Our own government is now sending US Army Special Forces to work in Syria as advisors. Only problem is that we don’t know who the Special Forces soldiers are supposed to be advising. Our government is also supposedly not going to tell the Russia where the soldiers will be….now there’s a great move. So, is this the precursor to a war with Russia? Is this how the politicians will bail our country out of the impending financial ruin for which we are seemingly on track? Who knows? But I am keeping an eye on the situation. Things just keep getting more and more fun as we proceed with a foreign policy that is an abject failure. We now have a situation where internet rumors have Russia contemplating the use of nukes to cool things off for Assad (pun intended).
The Rand Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity asks; “Why is Obama inserting a small 50-strong Special Forces contingent into Syria and not letting the Russians know where they are deployed? The New York Times has noticed that “[t]he move could potentially put the American troops in the cross hairs of Russia.” Is the US military being used as “human shields” to prevent US-backed “moderate rebels” from being hit by Russian strikes?” Now there’s a thought that had crossed my mind as well.

US Special Forces Deployed as ‘Human Shields’ to Salvage Terror Assets in Syria
Now, has no one but myself noticed that our government has done about everything in their power to topple any stable government in the Middle East? In the past we have installed dictators in the region to ensure peace and stability. Why is the Obama Administration intent on destabilizing the Middle East? Not to say that the region was all that stable to start with, but it is what worked there in the past. I can see many in the Middle East blaming America and Israel for their woes. The Muslim community, mostly Shi’ite and Sunni have been killing each other for over a millennia. Problem is that the US nor Israel were around back then. I wonder who was to blame way back then? The Crusades didn’t start until the Turks and Muslims had conquered pretty much everything as far as Spain. The Crusades were not just to reclaim the Holy Land, but to rid Europe of the Muslim invaders. Wonder who or what was to blame in those times for that one.
Many folks will swallow anything hook line and sinker. I saw a facebook post. It said something along the lines that President Lincoln and President Kennedy were the only two presidents in history to try and audit or investigate the Federal Reserve Bank and that the two presidents had something else in common. The commonality lay in that both presidents were assassinated. Only problem was that the Federal Reserve Bank didn’t come into being until around 1911. It was under Woodrow Wilson that the bank came into being. If you want to know more about the Federal Reserve Bank go to you tube and watch “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, then read the book.
So our own Muslim president want to import an army of Syrian refugees to the United States. Well isn’t that convenient? With the exponential increase in the Muslim birth rate when compared with our industrialized birth rates, we will be a Muslim country in less than a century.
Being judged by the color of my skin, which is white, which also means that I am racist, I am against the import of a bunch of Syrian Muslims. Let Saudi Arabia take them in, common language, somewhat common religion, I mean it’s a match made in Paradise. There is a crisis coming over this one as well, our own government is creating an insurgency here in America. Only reason I can see is that Barrack Hussein Barry Sotero Obama is keeping good on his word to stand with his Muslim brothers.
Elsewhere the debates are on for our next pretender in chief. I refuse to watch as I see the debates as a waste of my time for I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils and that is how we must choose these days. Sanders and Clinton offer freebies over freedom with their “free tuition” and revisionist historical facts.
The Associated Press did a fact check on some of Sander’s and Clinton’s statement and Jim Geraghty summed up the result in National Review Online: the audience of Las Vegas Democrats applauded these sentiments loudly, passionately, and with no regard for the principle of contradiction:
“They (Sanders and Clinton) contended socialism is mostly about standing up to the richest one percent and promoting entrepreneurs and small business; climate change is the biggest national security threat facing the nation; college educations should be free for everyone; all lives don’t matter, black lives do; Obama is simultaneously an enormously successful president in managing the economy and the middle class is collapsing and there’s a need for a “New New Deal” … The audience in Nevada applauded higher taxes, believes that Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to answer any more questions, supports the complete shutdown of the NSA domestic surveillance program, and that Obamacare benefits should be extended to illegal immigrants.”
I’m not holding my breath, I don’t wanna become part of the problem.