If you’ve ever had someone visit you here in Woodland Park from some distant city, you’ve no doubt heard your visitor exclaim, “You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.”

Our foothills community is indeed a wonderful place to live. We have cooler temps in summer than the lowlands, beautiful views of Pikes Peak and a host of outdoor opportunities to quell the restless spirit.

Tucked away off the road to Guffey there is a short trail that leads to an enchanting little cove aptly named “Paradise Cove.” The hike is a short but sometimes steep 1/2 mile (one way) hike. You will be rewarded for your modest effort with an afternoon of fun, and a whole lot of good stories to tell your friends. The cove itself is a small but deep pool, fed by a small waterfall. The pool is surrounded by steep granite cliffs that provide diving platforms for the adventurous. There are three different heights, each providing different levels of thrills and danger.

In summer the Cove is very popular with young people who like to push the envelope of adventure and cliff dive from the granite walls above the cool pool water. This time of year, however, the kids are back in school and the Cove offers a serene spot to take the family for an afternoon adventure or picnic or just hang out and enjoy the scenic beauty. With fall is quickly approaching this hike is a great way to bid farewell to summer.

From Woodland Park follow RT 24 to the town of Florissant. From Florissant, follow Teller County Road 1 south for about 9.2 miles, until a Y fork, and bear right, into County Road 11. Follow County Road 11 for 4.1 miles, until a T intersection, and make a right turn at the intersection, into County Road 112. Follow County Road 112 for 2.7 miles, and where the road crests on top of a hill, park in the gravel lot on the left. On foot, cross the road and follow a foot trail in direction North for about 0.4 miles to the swimming hole.
paradise cove 2

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