Wildwood General Store Site to Add New Dump – Rick Langenberg

The city of Cripple Creek will soon house another dump.

Only this time, few are registering any complaints regarding plans for a sewage disposal area for recreational vehicles (RVs), with city officials and leaders citing the addition as another service to boost tourism.

In yet another change for a new convenience store and gas station hub, proposed by the Wildwood casino at the east entrance to the downtown, the Cripple Creek City Council signed off on plans late last month for a free RV dump station to accommodate recreational vehicles. The station will be located on the general store property site, off Hwy. 67, across from the Wildwood casino. The project, which will also include eight Phillips 66 gas pumps, a 3,500 square-foot store area and a Dunkin’ Donuts hub, is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Although posing a few technical questions about sewage and impacts on the city’s system, the council promptly gave the okay to the latest addition of a project that has been discussed at virtually every meeting for the last two months.

“We don’t see any concerns,” said City Administrator Ray DuBois. “This is just another service for visitors and people who use RVs. It’s a good thing for the city. We are trying to get more tourists and visitors up here.”

According to the city administrator, the town features a fairly robust number of RV motorists.

The Wildwood is mulling plans for a RV site, outside its Gold King Mountain Inn hotel. But the proposed dump station would be available free for any RV vehicle, and not just for vehicles that use their future RV area.

City officials didn’t cite any environmental concerns. Wildwood general manager Kevin Werner lauded the plan as a win-win for the community and the casino. “It is good for the community and good for my business,” said Werner. He also cautioned that the RV dump area would be located away from any residences.

The Wildwood general manager also stressed that the dump station would feature top-of-the-line standards. In addition, he cited RV owners as extremely respectful people who wouldn’t abuse the service.

Surprisingly, the proposal didn’t generate any comments from a few vocal critics of the project. Some residents in the past have complained that the current site of the Wildwood general store and gas station hub isn’t that good and may pose a dangerous scenario for the city. They have raised several environmental red flags about the project.

However, city leaders have strongly favored the project, citing the need for a convenience hub in this section of town at the east entrance to the gaming community. This is the route most take to enter and exit Cripple Creek. Currently, the only gas station and store area for visitors is located off Teller One, outside of the downtown.

Parking complaints continue
Cripple Creek just can’t get over its hang-up regarding parking.

During public comment at the council’s Aug. 19 meeting, Larry Hill, the chief executive officer of the Triple Crown Casinos, expressed surprise over the sudden about-face maneuver of the city staff regarding their parking regulations. He was referring to a previous discussion during which city leaders appeared intent on banning any parking on the entire 200 block of Bennett, regarded as probably the busiest section of town. Hill and several other business operators favor keeping this block off-limit for parking, except for loading and unloading and for buses and shuttle vehicles.

The city appeared headed in this direction, according to conclusions rendered at a previous meeting. But based on information city leaders received following this discussion, DuBois stated that officials agreed to allow limited parking for visitors and customers on the north side of the block, which is dominated by the Bronco Billy’s casino properties. The council declined to discuss the issue again at last week’s meeting.

But most likely, this won’t be the last time the subject will be heard by city leaders.

Parking has been a frequent headache for city officials, since the arrival of gaming

DuBois admits that keeping everyone happy regarding parking has been next to impossible. Since the town completed its makeover of the main street, officials have made a few tweaks. But reaching a consensus hasn’t been easy.

In other parking adjustments, DuBois said he wants to set up parking in front of city hall to allow people to do city business.
In another parking legal jolt that generated a few laughs last week, the council rescinded a 20-year-plus law that basically states that parking is illegal on Bennett Avenue, period. “It’s a good thing we didn’t enforce this,” quipped Councilman Terry Wahrer, who served on the council during the period this was enacted

Cripple Creek has experimented with a variety of parking plans and enforcement efforts over the last two decades.