Woodland Park Appoints New Head Law Officer – By Bob Volpe


There’s a new sheriff in town; well chief of police anyway, for the city of Woodland Park.

Last Thursday night head administrator David Buttery recommended to City Council that Miles De Young be appointed the as the new Woodland Park Chief of Police, replacing retired Bob Larson.

The WP City Council unanimously approved the recommendation and De Young was sworn in by City Clerk Suzanne Leclercq. De Young’s family, including his mother and two daughters, were there to share in the ceremony. De Young’s mother pinned the official Chief’s badge on him and his daughters pinned his rank pins on his collar.

There were a slew of dignitaries in attendance to witness the swearing in ceremony, including Judge Billing Vada, Cripple Creek Chief of Police Mike Rulo, Green Mt Falls Police Chief Tim Bradly, Chris Moore (division of gaming), District Attorney Dan Max and a large contingent of Woodland Park police officers.

De Young, who was appointed as second-in-command earlier this year, will have some tough shoes to fill. Larson, who recently stepped down to retire in Michigan, was a familiar face of the agency for several decades, holding a variety of posts. He served as the police chief since the late 1990s. A huge retirement ceremony, held in Larson’s honor several months ago at the Ute Pass Cultural Center, attracted several hundred people.

Woodland Park typically promotes its chief of police from inside its own ranks.