Younglife Ministry Holds Annual Fish And Feast Fund Raiser – By Robert Volpe


This past Saturday and Sunday, Younglife Ministry, a nationwide organization dedicated to helping youth grow into adulthood through mentoring, held their annual Fish & Feast fund raiser event in Lake George.

The event gives fly fisherman a chance to fish a rarely fished, private 3 mile section of the South Platte River, on the Etheridge Ranch, in Lake George. Each day 15 fishermen paid a $300 donation to fish and to feast on a catered prime rib dinner with all the fixings on the banks of the river.

Loren Kolman, Area Director for Younglife’s Canon City chapter, explained that the event draws fishermen from across the state who want to help the organization help young adults who are going through a critical stage of life. Adults in the organization take time to really get to know the kids and develop a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Ben Beard from northern Colorado has been attending the event for the past 4 years. Both he and his wife are committee members of their local Younglife chapter. He said the event gives him a chance to give back to the organization and also give him a chance to learn from the professional guides who donate their time for the fund raiser.

For more information on next year’s event visit their website @ or contact Loren Kolman @ 719-371-6040.