Bank Robber still on the Loose

8255393_G1Local law enforcement authorities are still actively investigating the first known bank robbery in Woodland Park in recent history
But according to Woodland Park Police Chief Bob Larson, the agency is drawing blanks in naming a suspect regarding a surprising heist that occurred on July 7, when a white male, wearing dark clothes and sun glasses, entered Peoples Bank off Hwy. 24 with a backpack and stole an undisclosed amount of money. The robber didn’t display any weapons and escaped on foot. No one was hurt during the incident that has jolted many local residents in the community.
The publicized robbery has sparked a multi-agency inquiry, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and a variety of local law enforcement departments.
Larson said that his department, which is leading the investigation, has been obtaining more information from area businesses and is trying to compare this robbery with other thefts in the Pikes Peak region.
However, the preliminary phase of the investigation hasn’t identified any strong leads or similarities with other bank robberies in the region. In addition, the agency has released a flyer of the suspect to law enforcement agencies across the state. They also have been examining DNA samples obtained from the main bank counter, where the theft occurred.
No suspects have been named.
Law enforcement officials are still optimistic that they will catch the robber. “Our best hope is that this person will try to do this again,” said Larson. Similar views have been expressed by other business leaders, who are confident that the suspected bank robber will land behind bars. “He will get caught sooner or later,” said one civic leader, who has close ties to the investigation.
The robber picked the best time to rob a bank since the crime was committed during an extremely foggy day, when visibility was limited in downtown Woodland Park. In fact, shortly before the theft, which occurred at 12:30 p.m. on July 7, traffic lights on the main highway could hardly be seen by motorists. The suspect eluded law officers on foot and was spotted running east on Hwy. 24.