The Tulips of June-Mad Dog Murph Unleashed

The Tulips of June
“Every rose has its thorn. Just like every night has its dawn. Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song. Every rose has its thorn.” Guns and roses
Driving through our little village of Woodland Park today I saw a flower bed with a huge bunch of very lovely tulips that should have been here and gone last month. But the tulip understands survival, and it comes along in its own sweet time. The nice thing about tulips are that there are no thorns on the stems, makes me wonder if the things are somehow poisonous and how the tulips avoid being eaten by the deer who frequent the safe haven of Woodland. It also took me back to a time when as a younger person I watched Tiny Tim play Tip toe through the Tulips on his ukulele on the show “Laugh In” when Goldie Hawn was an unknown and the world was a somewhat simpler place. How nice that would be, just to take off my shoes and tip toe through those tulips. But that would require me to cross the boundaries of another man’s property and I doubt there was space between the tulips for my big feet and reality sets in, again.
I know a little bit about human nature and survival, more than most. I am part of the sum total of five per cent of this country who have ventured beyond our borders to other parts of the world and experienced the cultures of other times and places. Places that are backwards and places that are forward leaning. It is an amazing world and I wish it were safe to travel anywhere and everywhere, to ride a camel with Bedouins across the Syrian borders, to hang in the last few hundred acres of rain forest in the Philippines, to smuggle cigarettes across the Bodensee between Austria and Germany, to go to a Viking Village re-enactment in Scandinavia, to sit under a shade tree with Kurdish men and drink hot tea on a hotter day and conduct business while the women slave in the fields, or to be back in the action, soldiering in some long forsaken land such as Afghanistan. But those days are behind me, and the things that matter now are family, country, and the creator, and not necessarily in that order.
Then I realize that those tulips in June make me feel like I am living in Seattle, Washington. In fact, I saw reindeer moss growing in a person’s driveway today. Reindeer moss is a lichen, which is edible, and I have eaten it, with catfish and wild onions. Not very tasty, in fact, it wasn’t very filling either, but it helped sustain me and my not so merry band of fellow survival school students. It is wet these days, the cloudy days giving the ground and flora of the area more time to soak up the water we so dearly needed to end this drought, we should probably send some to California…..wait, never mind, the water is already on its way there.
So, the conclusions I get to draw from all of this are, my feet will not fit between the tulips, tip toeing or not, that most Americans have never been outside the United States, that all the volcanoes erupting around the world are adding to the rain, that some places in the world will always be backwards no matter how much money you throw at them, and that survival is the reason why we tend to remember the bad, but that we can only reminisce about the good.
Today we have a heroine epidemic in small town America, Woodland Park included, which is feeding our judicial system and helping to fill our prisons. At least the epidemic is keeping plenty of people busy and generating plenty of revenue for all kinds of systems around the world, to include ISIS. It seems drugs go in cycles, no one is ever happy with alcohol which is in and of itself insidious to about fifteen percent of the population. There is always the next best thing for the next generation, looks like our younger generation here has now found heroine which helps fund the ISIS war machine to buy bullets to kill Americans and further the aims of ISIS and Muslim extremists around the world. The heroine gives a lot of people a lot to do and that is truly a pity.
So as we watch our current misguided administration reach out to those who wish to destroy us. Survival of America does not seem to be at the top of the Obama Administration’s agenda. He is the laughing stock of many places around the world. We have watched our national pride fall, our national credit rating fall, and watched as ethics fall all around.
Something else I have recently realized is that most people don’t really understand long term survival, or the requirements thereof, the only concern is immediate and short term gratification. I have watched a person on Facebook extoll the virtues of socialism and down any sort of religion. He thinks that Denmark is the happiest place on the face of the earth because in Denmark there is FREE education, FREE medical care, FREE this, and FREE that, but what he doesn’t actually realize is that none of IT is really FREE and that someone must exert an effort and pay for it all. That’s where big brother gets to decide what is best for any of us and who gets to survive.
If you look at the propaganda that is pushed around these days the whole idea is that anyone who is self-sufficient is bad because they don’t contribute their all to the whole for the goodness and virtue of the “few”, the few being the government. Case in point, there is no longer civil defense in America, that trend moved to “continuity of government”. I for the life of me cannot figure out what good is continuity of government if there is no civil defense, because without the civil side, government loses its purpose for existence. I don’t think the government really gives a damn about “us” except as a means to justify its own miserable continued existence with our vote.
There are those who think if we held hands with our Muslim extremist brothers and sang good old Kumbaya and gave them a few “shovel ready” jobs that the world would be an okay place. They probably secretly believe that Lucky Charms are a product of unicorn excrement and that if we just wave a magic wand it will all be okay.
I am here to tell you that things will not be okay the way the country is going. It might be okay for a while, but not for a long while. Think about it, a billion Muslims in the world……and if only just one percent of those Muslims are extremist….kind of like the one per centers in the biker world, then we only have to worry about a paltry ten million haters out there. Add the Chinese, the Russians, and anyone one else who despises America and we can up the ante a pretty good chunk. Most of the world outside these United States is not a nice place. Yet most have never experienced that, most have never walked through a Nazi concentration camp, or seen the squalid conditions that exist in over half the world. I have, and I understand the danger our country faces from a plethora of outside sources and enemies.
I don’t understand people just worrying about immediate gratification; I don’t understand not going the extra mile. I do understand that it is easier to blame someone else for your problems. I definitely understand that if you aren’t part of the solution, you may well be part of the problem. If it comes to blows with China and Russia and possibly a portion of the Muslim world, I wonder just how many people will effectively survive. One thing for certain, we will not find the answer tip toeing through the tulips in any way shape or form. No amount of politically correct “good mouthing” will change the truth. Remember, we remember the bad experiences best because that is our survival mechanism. Because of my understanding of human nature I already know that we will never all “just get along”.
Remember, it isn’t survival of the fittest; it is survival of the most cunning and adaptable. Good luck and stay dry; it is going to be an interesting political season.