Woodland Park to host Super Enduro Competition

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Woodland Park to host Super Enduro Competition

Rick Langenberg

South Dakota may have its infamous Sturgis biker party and Cripple Creek may boast of a well-attended veterans rally and motorcycle procession.

But Woodland Park will soon have bragging rights to the Rocky Mountain Super Enduro, a prestigious event that will showcase extreme motorcycle riding and endurance contests at the Ute Pass Saddle club site off Hwy 24 for two days. The event, scheduled for June 20 and June 21, is sponsored by the Dirt Riders of Colorado, and is the kick-off for the Pikes Peak Speed Week, culminating with the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Extreme motorcycle riding competitions will occur at the Saddle Club site on both days from about 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with areas available for spectators and food vendors.

“We want to make it a spectator-friendly event,” said even coordinator Erik Nijkamp of Woodland Park, when addressing the WP City Council last week. He described the event as one that could gain national exposure due to the skill levels of some of the professional riders. The event coordinator stated that a few of their riders partook in the X-Games in Austin, Texas. “We hope this (Rocky Mountain Super Enduro) thing will blossom,” he added.

For the benefit of event participants and volunteers, the Dirt Riders of Colorado group sought permission for camping for self-contained trailers, recreational vehicles and pick-up trucks, similar to what occurs with the Rock, Gem and Minerals Show, for two nights. The event would feature a maximum of 60 overnight vehicles, and the camping option would only be available for the event competitors and volunteers.

The camping privileges wouldn’t be open for the spectators or visitors to the area.

The council expressed enthusiasm towards the event and the prospects of bringing different types of people to the community. “This is very exciting,” said Counclman Noel Sawyer. “This is a nationally recognized event.”

Nijkamp agreed and stated that their event has received much support from sports and off-road groups in the region.

A few concerns were raised about the clientele, with one elected leader wondering if this would turn into a biker party, similar to the gathering at Sturgis, South Dakota.