New Cripple Creek Convenience Hub Gets the Green Light

New Cripple Creek Convenience Hub Gets the Green Light

The long wait for a convenience hub at the main entrance to Cripple Creek is screeching to a halt.

Last week, the Cripple Creek City Council, which also acted as the planning commission, approved a conditional use permit for the American Gaming Group, owners of the Wildwood casino, for a gas station and convenience store, near the corner of Hwy. 67 and Bison, at a key entrance/exit point to Cripple Creek for most visitors and gamblers. The new convenience area would be located on five vacant lots next to the Wildwood.

The project would include approximately eight Phillips 66 gas pumps and a 3,500 square-foot store area, according to city officials. The new convenience store would be open on a 24/7 basis.

If the project proceeds as planned, the new project, which would replace a popular convenience hub, called the “Total Station,” that was located in the same area prior to the construction of the Wildwood casino, could be completed before the end of the year. “It has always been a plan of ours to replace the Total Station by adding a gas station and convenience store to the east end of Cripple Creek,” said Kevin Werner, general manager of the Wildwood, in a letter to the city. “We are very excited to finally be adding a gas and convenience store to this end of town and look forward to continuing to provide for this great community.”

However, the project applicants, including representatives of the Wildwood, must come before the city council again to address a few conditions regarding noise, lighting and traffic. City Administrator Ray DuBois cited some concerns from neighbors in the area, but nothing that will halt the project. One subject still under discussion hinges on the access points into the gas station and store, according to the city administrator, especially on Bison Street.

The idea of a convenience hub in this part of town, though, has been well-received. “This is a good thing for the community. We don’t see this as competition that will hurt other businesses,” said DuBois.

No date has been set for when the American Gaming Group and the Wildwood must re-appear before the city council again.