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5-26edit cartoon webRebuilding Trust
“That’s gonna go over like a pregnant pole-vaulter!” Rooster Cogburn on Gov. Hickenlooper’s bills
Well, Governor Hickenlooper may have finally hit on something to help fix the community at large-law enforcement trust issue. When I read the article title I almost fell out. The article was titled “Bills look to rebuild trust between police, community”. Okay, let’s pass a law that rebuilds trust between the people and the government, a law that creates trust between a jilted lover and their estranged other half. Let us have a bill that will require kids to be educated before they leave school. Let’s have a law that requires potholes be repaired immediately. Oh, a law that requires a $20 minimum wage and that prices don’t have to rise. But many of you who are realistic, as opposed to idealistic, understand the reality.
Finally at long last, somebody is doing something smart. While, as with all bills, which have to be paid, Governor Hickenlooper signed six bills to help put a little more onus on police to behave themselves. House Bill 1285 creates a grant program to put cameras/body cams on officers. Now there’s a novel concept I can definitely go along with. In states where the use of police body cams police brutality cases drop off significantly. Guess that Big Brother goes for everyone, and well, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. I like it a lot, but I’m not so sure it’s really gonna rebuild trust, it will however hopefully make the cops at least think about what they are doing before they do it.
House Bill 1287 reforms the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board to provide greater police oversight by adding more people to the board and making part of the board regular folk who have no connection to police. It also provides for anti-bias training, community policing, and de-escalation course. Okay, fair enough, I guess. I personally would like to see half the folks on the board had no former connection to law enforcement. Allowing too many foxes to guard the hen house can be well, counter-productive.
House Bill1290 clarifies that citizens have a right to record police interaction and behavior as long as it doesn’t interfere with police business. Okay, put on the breaks with that one. But, if the cops are wearing body cams I guess it would be a definite okay and could help de-conflict whether the citizen was actually interfering with police business. Allowing the cops to have that discretion to determine if the citizen is interfering is maybe not such a great idea. Maybe the cop’s determination is that the citizen recording the interaction is interfering with the cop’s ability to beat the crap out of the interacted.
Senate Bill 217 requires that the state collect data on each officer involved shooting to include demographics on the officer and the person shot, as well as search, citation, and arrest information….hmmm. Okay, you mean the state collects on all of us but keeps no records on officers in the course of their duties? Okay, I think this is long, overdue.
Senate Bill 218 requires law enforcement requires law enforcement agencies disclose information about former employees who have lied on their applications for employment to other agencies in the past.
Senate Bill 219 requires law enforcement agencies to create procedures for officer involved shootings that include detectives from another agency investigating the incident. Yea, well, as I have said in the past it’s a bad idea that you have the fox investigate the fox that was guarding the henhouse for wrongfully taking a chicken.
Alright, these bills might be about rebuilding trust, but the bills are definitely about creating additional layers of bureaucracy. I think it should be bureau-crazy because it is government gone crazy and the government looks for the “quick” fix and not necessarily a long term fix.
Now, we are gonna look at this all closely. This essentially creates a policing system for the police who are policing you and I. Soooooo, why don’t we teach the cops proper conduct? How about we teach them about law? Maybe we should teach the cops about the constitution….oh wait that might be contra-indicated because many laws these days are contrary to the constitution. How about there be serious consequences for misconduct by the same courts to which we the people are liable. Let’s look at it from this angle. Our own Teller County Sheriff recently lost the Paul Baumann suit and it cost we the people of Teller County over $80,000. So if the grievance was that the Sheriff acted inappropriately and illegally, how is it that he gets off without being prosecuted for that misconduct?
Okay, way back in the day… not 20 years ago. About 200 years ago, when the founders set up the constitution, someone actually thought it might be a good idea to leave the judiciary in the hands of the common folk. In fact, in most areas in the early days of the country you didn’t have to be an attorney to be a judge. However, today we have the foxes guarding the henhouse even in the judiciary. Attorneys and judges rotate in and out of these positions or are political appointees and we the people get to vote whether a judge stays in place or not.
At the end of the day we the people have the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The constitution allows it but, there is no requirement that the government do anything about those grievances. And those in government have all the power and all the decision making authority with the exception of those patriots who have decided that they will do pretty much as they please and Keep their mouths shut about what they do.
Honestly, police would be absolutely superfluous if people would keep their mouths shut. Most people love to talk about their exploits and ultimately get busted for running their mouths thankfully enough. People who commit crimes against other people, and yes police are people too, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Unfortunately, as with any bill, we the people will get hung with the “bill”, because with every bill there is a cost, and no matter how hard you try to get government to pay, the government must take the money from the people. So in this case we the people are going to pay money, not necessarily to trust the police, but to provide devices that will help protect us from our over-zealous all powerful protectors.
So I think this will all go over a lot better than a pregnant pole-vaulter, at least someone is trying to put something in place to help we the people. I just don’t know how this will help our developing police state, but well, I didn’t like the idea of a police state to start with, no sir, not even a little bit.
So, that’s my thoughts for the week. I still wonder what’s going on in this country, damned egg prices going stupid is the least of my worries. But I would still like to know what Mike Ensminger has cost us all total. Yup, ain’t doing much for my trust.