Businesses Burglarized

IMG_9459-EditThe Woodland Park Police are investigating a spree of burglaries that targeted several local businesses last week, with robbers snagging thousands of dollars in southwestern jewelry and causing considerable damage.
The break-ins, which occurred in the early morning hours of Wednesday, have caused much angst among long-time business operators, who rarely worried about security in the past.
“This has never happened to us before,” said Dan Vigil, owner of Chimayo Turquoise, who has operated his shop for several decades in Woodland Park.
Vigil estimated that his store lost more than $20,000 in jewelry, a toll that could have been much worse if the thieves didn’t get scared off by an alarm. The theives, apparently in their haste to make a quick getaway, dropped many of the items they were intending to steal.
Considerable damage was done to the building.
According to sources, the police investigation is proceeding well with a search warrant executed on Monday. An arrest is pending, according to the source.
In addition to Vigil’s store, which is located in downtown Woodland Park, the theives targeted a pawn shop and storage units on Hwy. 67, with at least 25 units broken into, according to preliminary reports.
Several weeks ago, another break-in was attempted at a local gun shop, but entry was averted by a state-of-the-art alarm system.
With an uptick in the economy, law enforcement officials have cited concern over Woodland Park attracting more criminal activity.