Park State Bank kicks off 50th birthday celebration

IMG_9129-EditPark State Bank kicks off 50th birthday celebration

Woodland Park, Teller County and the United States were vastly different places in mid-April 1965.

The Vietnam War was actually a popular overseas conflict; President Lyndon Johnson was gearing up for his Great Society programs ; the Beatles were worldwide celebrities; and yes, Woodland Park was a small Cowtown, and the era of Bert Bergstrom reigned.

Times have definitely changed, especially in Woodland Park. But one of the steadier hands over the last five decades has been Park State Bank & Trust, a big supporter of many local residents, businesses, clubs and organizations since 1965. Ironically, in April 1965 was the time when Park State Bank officially opened its first facility

The legacy of Park State Bank & Trust was celebrated with a ribbon cutting last Thursday, honoring the bank’s birth 50 years ago, the first of what could go down as a season of memorable anniversaries. Debbie Miller, president of the Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce, described it as the biggest ribbon cutting ceremony in the last 10 years. The ceremony, held at Park State Bank & Trust, was packed with civic leaders, bank officials and customers and business owners/managers.

In brief comments, Park State Bank & Trust President Tony Perry praised the bank’s original majority owners and its dedicated board.

“They have persevered and shown resolve in allowing us to become a community bank,” said Perry, who spoke highly of Park State’s tradition. “We are proud of that.”