Letter to the Editor

I want to add my voice to the concern about Charis and fire and police protection for their situation. Often any educational institution with facilities that extensive with such a concentrated number of people in a rather small area, is responsible for its own fire fighting plan, equipment, and fire fighting employees or volunteers, and often their own security force, i.e. campus police. The limited resources of the city of Woodland Park seems to nearly demand that this be the case in this situation. Appeals to Charis to do the right thing seem to have had no effect. But if they have enough money—and I’ve personally heard a participant there actually brag openly about how easily they can raise money–then surely they can buy their own firefighting equipment and pay for their own security force. So what is being done about this?

In addition, it has been recently reported that the city had annexed the Charis property because of “benefits”. What are those benefits for the city? What does it mean that it annexed that area?

Rodney Noel Saunders
United Methodist Pastor, Retired