Rockies’ Fever – Caption and Photos by Rick Langenberg




103_3277Colorado Rockies stars’ Carlos Gonzales, Corey Dickerson, DJ Mahieu and others prepare for the first Sunday home game of the season against the Chicago Cubs on April 12. Unfortunately, a spree of clumsy errors and a 9th inning collapse by reliever LaTroy Hawkins led to a 6-5 loss by the Rocks. Regardless, Coors Field attracted a near sell-out crowd, including a hefty invasion of the most obnoxious species of baseball addicts in America, Chicago Cubs fans. (They don’t need any lessons in hysterical screaming antics.) Despite the loss, the Rockies have defied the predictions of baseball experts from across the country and have found themselves in first place (as of Tuesday night) in the brutal National League West Division. The Rocks, who have experienced great hitting so far this season, face a tough road trip this week against the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Caption and Photos by Rick Langenberg