PPRH patients to experience great improvements in television and technology options

4-14hospital check pic webPPRH patients to experience great improvements in television and technology options

Rick Langenberg

Forget the days of a hospital stay in Woodland Park with outdated televisions and technology, and the worst fate of all: the prospects of no Denver Broncos football for the weekend.

In yet another move to improve services at the Pikes Peak Regional Hospital and Surgery Center, the Pikes Peak Regional Medical Center Foundation, a group that has played a big role in assisting the entire 20-plus acre medical center campus off Hwy. 24, recently donated $8,000 to the PPRH for the installation of a new hospital-wide television system. The donation will pave the way for the installation of 32-inch flat-screen high definition monitors, installed in each of the 15 patient rooms and the Emergency Center waiting area. More importantly, the new cable system will feature 32 channels, as well as access to 50 current Netflix movies. The new system is slated to be installed by May.

The new addition is lauded as a great improvement and a big change from basic televisions that have donned the patient rooms for the last eight years, since the PPRH originally opened its doors. These 21-inch televisions only contain 12 stations and are considered routine, with limited viewing options.

They were installed during the birth of the hospital, when PPRH operators didn’t know what to expect from patients and from the demand in services, and prior to many of the high tech television perks of today

“The hospital is very grateful to the Foundation for its support of this important patient room upgrade,” said Terry Buckner, chief executive officer of PPRH. “These changes will go a long way toward our goal to exceed patient expectations and overall patient satisfaction.”

“Technology has changed so much since the hospital opened. We all believe these improvements will assure patients that they can expect an enhanced patient experience when they choose Pikes Peak Regional Hospital,” said Susan Grina, chairperson of the Medical Center Foundation.

During a ceremony last week that celebrated the donation, Buckner noted that the new system will allow overnight patients and Emergency Room guests to see the Denver Broncos in action with no problem, along with viewing other great programs. Currently, due to program restrictions in the area with its old system, many Broncos’ games can’t be viewed at the hospital. This often became a source of frustration among hospital patients, especially with Bronco mania exploding in the last few seasons. Buckner even recounted a humorous story of an overnight patient and hardcore Broncos fan that tried to leave the hospital on game day, with the help of his own personal physician, to see Peyton Manning and company on TV.

“It is all about patient satisfaction,” said PPRH Marketing Director Eric Riggle, in describing the new television set-up, which he cites as just one of a slew of new enhancements at the hospital.