Woodland Park residents face scrutiny

Woodland Park residents face scrutiny
Two Woodland Park residents recently faced considerable scrutiny by high profile regulators and political officials.

Gerald Rome, the commissioner for the Colorado Division of Securities, part of the Department of Regulatory Agencies, announced an agreement that permanently bars Richard Roop and Bottom Line Results from offering or selling securities in Colorado. Roop is a resident of Woodland Park.

The recent ruling, according to Rome, prohibits Roop and his company from participating in the securities industry in Colorado in any way. “This is a good outcome for the investors in our state,” said Rome..

At issue were serious questions regarding how Roop obtained financing to purchase property by using three different investments that raised red flags. This occurred during a period that his company was slapped with a restraining order and couldn’t engage in any aspect of the securities business. Regulators had heavily scrutinized the securities-related transactions of Roop since 2008.

The Denver District Court issued a subsequent order in early March granting the Division of Securities’ motion for partial summary judgment, imposing a permanent injunction, and concluding that the defendants (Richard Roop and his company) offered and sold unregistered securities in Colorado and acted as an unlicensed broker-dealer and sales representative. With this action, the commissioner agreed to dismiss a fraud claim against Roop.

“Mr. Roop’s case is a great reminder that investors need to diligently research any security, as well as the company and its salespeople, before they put their money toward an investment,” Rome concluded. “That’s what the Division of Securities is here for—call us and check things out before you turn over your hard earned money.”

This isn’t the only recent publicized story in which a Woodland Park resident came under fire by high profile officials.

Dwight Dorty, a twice convicted local sex offender, recently caused quite an uproar by attending an annual meeting of the Colorado Republicans at Douglas County High School to support the party’s new vice-chairman, Derrick Wilburn.

Questions were raised about Dorty’s presence on school grounds. According to media reports, Ryan Call, who presided as the chair of the Colorado GOP, asked the sergeant of arms to have Dorty removed from the meeting. “I did not think it was appropriate to have him there, certainly on school grounds, or involved in connection with our meeting,” said Call, according to media reports.

Dorty, who lives in Woodland Park, previously pled guilty in 1986 to sexual assault on a child and again in 1995 to sexual assault on a child by a person in position of trust. The cases involved incidents that occurred in Larimer County.

Despite his previous record, Dorty is involved in GOP politics, and is a strong ally of Wilburn, who received the nod as the party’s new vice-chairman during the recent meetig. Dorty previously publicly supported El Paso County Commissioner candidate Karen Magistrelli, who made an unsuccessful bid for office several years ago. He has been a strong supporter of Wilburn, and the two work together in leadership for Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives.

Due to the controversy over his presence at the meeting, Dorty left the proceedings, held on March 14, voluntarily. However, he maintains that he is no longer on parole and has no restrictions about being on school property.