Great story on Bob Crouse


Great story on Bob Crouse, he is an amazing guy. I worked hard in the fight for Bob, a lot of time spent holding signs in front of the courthouse and such. It felt really good to help save one old man from war on drugs. Small victory to the hundreds of thousands that can’t be saved. I followed closely the Gazette coverage of the story, they did great work on it. Funny? part is ALL their stories ended up the same as yours, concerning Dan May. He really never answered any questions about the whole sorted affair. I mean like never could be bothered to even get back to any reporter in any fashion. Now he has his paid flunky not get back to you or any reporters, that’s a good one. What is this persons job other then to get back to people? Or is his job really to not get back to people? Good work, if you can find it, glad we are paying his salary.
As far as Dan May, I fully understand why he doesn’t want to speak of these matters. Spending hundreds of thousands, vast police and court resources, on trying to put an old man in prison, oh ya for a plant. He should be embarrassed, and deeply ashamed for that matter. Not only Bob, but the thousands of our fellow citizens he personally made felons over his 20 plus years of doing his good work. I wonder if he still thinks it was worth it and a good idea to have done all of this? I would ask you boys to ask him or his flunky, but as I mentioned above, he is above answering such questions from any of us citizens. Hard to believe, but there it is. Thanks again for your part in bringing this story to some more light. 

Derek Aker