GMF Voters: Please vote for Worthey, Butts, Cook, Quinn

The following statement is my personal statement and is not made on behalf of the Town of Green Mountain Falls, or the Board of Trustees as a whole.

The April 1, 2014 municipal election is the most important election for the municipality of Green Mountain Falls, since I moved to Green Mountain Falls in 1993. I strongly and unwaveringly endorse Lorrie Worthey for Mayor, and Michael Butts, David Cook, and Chris Quinn for the three trustee seats.

I endorse Mayor Worthey and Trustee candidates Butts, Cook and Quinn because of their commitment to improve Green Mountain Falls. Each of these candidates have asked important and critical questions regarding the budget, policies and past decisions of the current Board of Trustees. All four of these candidates are concerned about the public safety in our town, accountability to stakeholders, and prudent utilization of our tax dollars. 

Green Mountain Falls, a wonderful and unique community, has recently been tarnished by Town Trustees, who have lead the board to poorly planned and executed decisions which have negatively impacted the town’s operations, accountability and public safety with little to no regard for citizen concerns or the will of taxpayers and voters. Many involved with the majority decisions have been secretive and operating outside the spirit for transparency of Colorado Sunshine Laws.

April 1 is the opportunity for voters of Green Mountain Falls to elect four individuals who will restore government accountability, do the research necessary to make difficult decisions, and conduct themselves in a manner that represents our town in the best light. They will work hard, listen to citizen input, and quickly restore respect, and accountability of your taxpayer dollars to our municipal government.

ELECTION DAY: Tuesday, APRIL 1, 2014. Vote for: Worthey, Butts, Cook, Quinn.

I have observed Mayor Worthey facing many unprecedented situations, including the Waldo Canyon fire and flooding emergencies, planning for the rebuilding of town hall and significant municipal insurance claims. Mayor Worthey has persistently asked challenging questions and worked to improve transparency and engage the public in the Town’s Business. Mayor Worthey has successfully remained calm at meetings while withstanding verbal attacks and has worked hard throughout all of this to further the work of the Board and the Town. Mayor Worthey has built relationships with many throughout the Pikes Peak Region, leading to the endorsement from many such as the Mayors of Manitou Springs, Monument, Woodland Park and El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark, and Candidate for El Paso County Sheriff Jim Reid among others. 

It is very important for you to re-elect Mayor Worthey so that she can lead and reinvigorate the important work of the Board of Trustees and restore respect, accountability, and transparency to our municipal government. Mayor Worthey’s opponent has aligned herself with and consistently voted with Trustees who resist listening and thinking through the unintended consequences of their decisions, including risks to public safety and the Town’s financial stability. Additionally, at last Tuesday night’s Board of Trustees meeting outrageous and disrespectful behavior was exhibited by Trustees who are active supporters of the Mayor’s opponent. Mayor Worthey will confidently, and ably lead this refreshed board to restore the board’s authority, and help guide us through goal setting, budgeting and critical planning, all while ensuring efficient and transparent operations, and completing the important town projects currently under way.

I know about boards and governance, my opinions and support for these candidates are formed from the thousands of hours I have given as a volunteer to serve on many boards, including approximately 15 years serving the citizens and Town of Green Mountain Falls as a Planning Commissioner, Trustee, and eight years as Mayor. I have served and continue to serve on many non-profit and local government boards, and I have been chosen by my board peers to represent the boards in key leadership and officer positions. I currently serve and represent the Town of Green Mountain Falls as a board member of: Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments, Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority, El Paso County’s Community Development Advisory Board, and the Pikes Peak Regional Building Commission.

Vote for: Worthey, Butts, Cook, Quinn.


Tyler S.C. Steven