Teller Sheriff Aims to Kill New Gun Control Laws


by Rick Langenberg:





In a series of forums that drew comparisons to NRA rallies, Teller County Sheriff Mike Ensminger recently fired away at a slew of gun control measures approved by state legislators that have put Colorado on the national stage regarding this volatile issue.

 In addition, Ensminger hinted that he and a group of other sheriffs in Colorado are mulling legal action aimed at stopping the controversial legislation from becoming official, come July 1.  Similar actions are being considered by other local entities, with the Woodland Park City Council recently asking its attorney to review their home-rule status regarding these laws.  However, with a Democratic-controlled state House and Senate and governor’s office, foes of the gun control laws, including most elected officials in Teller County, may face an uphill battle.

And the questions that still irk local residents are what happens on July 1, if none of the counter-gun control efforts pan out?  Will local law officers crack down on violators of the new gun restrictions, pretend they don’t exist or just say ‘no’ to more gun control?  Should gun owners just stock up on ammunition and weapons for the next few months or transfer gun ownership rights to family members now?

In a bold manner, the sheriff voiced strong opposition regarding four out of five of the new Colorado gun control measures, referring to this legislation as nothing more than “feel good laws that make no sense whatsoever.”  Moreover, he noted that these bills aren’t addressing the real crime problems facing the nation and state.  Also, the sheriff argues they don’t combat a serious child abuse epidemic, with three million cases reported a year.  “That is a warped view of child mortality,” said Ensminger, who cited this as a critical issue that deserves way more attention than gun control.  “What is our responsibility?”