Green Mountain Falls Names New Town Hall Site


Green Mountain Falls elected leaders have moved one step close to finalizing a new future home for the community’s town hall and its signature government facility.

Since a devastating arson fire completely destroyed GMF’s historic 19th century town hall last winter, the GMF government has moved temporarily into the Joyland Church facility. But the planning commission has studied the town’s options for months. Recently, a designated committee was named to finalize the search.

The board of trustees last week approved a plan to pursue agreement for the Elk Crossing site, located adjacent to the Joyland Church facility, directly north of the church area.

According to Jane Newberry, the trustee in charge of public information regarding the town hall search, the board received input from the city clerk and the marshal’s department regarding their space needs. “We received some public input about accessibility and aesthetics, although the next meeting should discuss the ‘looks’ a bit more,” said Newberry, in an e-mail.

The trustee also indicated that a survey should be contacted shortly to provide a good visual of ”what the land is what the contours are.” In any case, residents won’t be visiting a new town hall anytime soon. Based on a proposed timetable, the actual transaction for a new town hall isn’t scheduled to close until Dec. 15, 2013. A public hearing on the deal is set for April 9.