Exostrategies, Inc, Contributes $30,000 To Teller County Regional Animal Shelter





Exostrategies, Inc. recently donated to a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter in Divide, Colorado to kick off a new donor and membership program
Exostrategies, Inc., one of the nation’s leading small aerospace firms, and its President and CEO, has donated $30,000 to the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS) in Divide, Colorado.
TCRAS was founded to serve and protect the region’s lost, unwanted, neglected, or abused companion animals and maintains a no-kill environment.
This nonprofit also provides these animals with a temporary home as it works to reunite dogs and cats with their caregivers or places them in other suitable, loving environments.
The shelter and staff provide critical care for neglected and injured companion animals and recently cared for, and found, caregivers for three dogs: one who was thrown out of moving car, one with a broken back, and one who had been shot three times by its owner.
TCRAS also provides crisis support to the community and recently cared for 170 companion animals during the evacuation of 2012 due to the Waldo Canyon fire.

TCRAS endeavors to prevent cruelty to all animals through comprehensive community education and advocacy.
“My family adopted Sam, our Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, from TCRAS. He was a wonderful companion, a part of our family, and a known fixture as the ‘frisbee dog’ in our neighborhood. We lost him to cancer, but our eight years together were wonderful,” said Daniel Heimerdinger, Ph.D., President and CEO, Exostrategies, Inc.Sam and Frisbee 2_
“When we adopted Sam, we did not know why he came to TCRAS. All we knew was that he was a healthy, friendly dog, that was found walking along highway 24. He had no tags and was probably dumped in Teller County – TCRAS rescued him. Over time, I became aware of the services that TCRAS and its staff provide for our rural community in Teller County.”
“After Sam died, Exostrategies and my family decided to make this donation to spearhead a donor and membership drive for TCRAS.

As a rural shelter, TCRAS serves a large community spanning portions of five Colorado counties. TCRAS’s services are greatly needed in our community, and we want to help TCRAS secure its future through long-term funding for operations, medical care, and shelter expansion,” said Heimerdinger. “Each year TCRAS finds homes for over 700 dogs and cats but has to turn away over 500 due to space limitations. We need to help TCRAS meet this challenge,” he continued. “This donation is very important to TCRAS and we are really thrilled by this gift,” says Mary Steinbeiser, TCRAS’s Director of Operations and Development. “This gift is going to help us concentrate on our donor and membership program that will enable us to build and improve our programs to better support our community. Exostrategies’ generosity will help us increase our operational funds to not only provide services during crisis times like the Waldo Canyon Fire, but also provide needed medical care to homeless animals in our community. Steinbeiser said.
“It will finally be nice to be able to focus on fundraising efforts as a whole which will in turn help us to continue to provide all the care and services to our community, she said. “This is a wonderful gift in Sam’s memory because his is a typical TCRAS story: a sweet abandoned dog is taken into our shelter and is found a loving family who he loves in return. This is what we do, and this is why Exostrategies’ gift is so important,” Steinbeiser said.

Exostrategies has corporate offices in Woodland Park, CO and Gainesville, VA.
About the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS): Although TCRAS serves Teller County and beyond, the nonprofit organization is not funded through County taxes. During the Waldo Canyon and Springer fires, TCRAS provided temporary housing for an additional 115 community pets and found resources to support a total of 170 animals at the shelter during those crises, and they did this without asking for any funds from those seeking help.

You can learn more about TCRAS at http://www.tcrascolorado.com or call them at 719.686.7707.
About Exostrategies: Since 2006 Exostrategies has been a professional services company that works primarily for customers involved in the exploration and utilization of space. The company maintains over 30 years of broad expertise in the fields of space communications, operations, human space systems, and remote sensing technologies.
You can learn more about Exostrategies at http://www.exostrategies.com or call them at 703.402.2828.