What We Want vs. What They Need





by Eli Stone


This is an excerpt from a very interesting book describing the Machiavellian method for pedagogical indoctrination of our kids: The general philosophy of the pedagogical revolution is exposed, without detour, in the publications of the international organizations (UNESCO, OECD, Council of Europe, Commission of Bruxelles…)….

This pedagogical revolution attempts to impose an ethic for the creation of a new society and to establish an intercultural society. The new ethic is nothing more than a remarkable presentation of a communist utopia. A study of the documents leaves no doubt, under cover of ethics and behind a rhetoric and remarkable dialectic, of a communist ideology for which only the presentation and the means of action have been modified….

Also it is no surprise that the level of scholarship will continue to go down since the role of the school has been redefined so that its principal mission is no longer intellectual but social formation….One no longer gives students intellectual tools for liberation but imposes on them values, attitudes, and behavior using psychological manipulation techniques. “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America”, Ronald Reagan’s Senior Policy Advisor On Education Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt I have encountered people who are religious, and I have met folks who are religious. I myself am spiritual, I have a belief and it is my right to have that belief. In a discussion with a friend I stated that certain actions are between a people and their creator. He stated that a person doesn’t need a creator to live a moral life. My question back is “Why have morals if there are no consequences? I mean I do believe in karma.

Meanness comes back at you in many ways. But none the less our nation is torn apart by disunity because of a lack of belief. One of our founding fathers stated that the constitution is inadequate for any but a good and moral people. So if that is the case maybe we are tracking correctly into the despotic place I see this country going unless something changes. I have never met an atheist in a life or death situation. Most people get spiritual really fast when things are going really wrong. A friend of mines daughter told me that in Woodland Park School the kids are discouraged from discussing or talking about religion. Those discussions might offend someone. I told her that she has a right to discuss whatever she wants wherever she wants because the creator has given her that right. If someone is offended they also have the right not to listen or engage. It would be another story if someone tried to force that person into a belief system. Our kids need something to believe in other than their fellow man.

The creator may not be perfect but he is way ahead of whatever is in second place for my belief system. The power of positive belief is amazing. Try it sometime. A friend pointed out to me that the Prez (Obama) is always complaining about a divided congress. Except when it comes to passing laws that are unconstitutional, like the “Restricted Grounds and Buildings Act”. Congress was not divided on that one. The act strips people of their first amendment rights. We need our first amendment rights. We need journalist and protestors who will call the charlatan politicians out. Without that the charlatans can create whatever picture they want. So it goes with some new legislation authorizing the use of propaganda campaigns against the American people. We also need truth and openness……good luck with that one. Someone told me in passing last week that the drive is on again for the aquatic center. Okay, with last year’s survey there was a whopping 17 percent support for the aquatic center. I ask again….DO WE NEED AN AQUATIC CENTER? Nope, just that someone wants it…..and wants and needs are two very different aspects. Last I checked there is a pool at the Country Lodge that people are more than welcome to use for a nominal fee. Oh yea, there is also a YMCA pool in Colorado Springs. Go use it. If there was a profit potential in an aquatic center it would already exist in Woodland Park.

A little bird told me in passing that there is a need for affordable housing in Woodland Park. I looked at the five acres the city keeps eyeballing for the “affordable housing” and I know what affordable housing means…..it means subsidized housing for lower income folks. Let someone, an entrepreneur maybe, figure out the affordable housing situation and do it for profit. If there were a profit potential in Woodland Park for “affordable housing” it would already exist. I see that Comfort Care was closed down due to its proximity to a “day care” which is actually a gymnastics training facility. I also notice that more and more dispensaries are closing in the Springs due to overbearing regulation. What’s wrong there politicians? Is legal marijuana taking the profit margin out of your less than savory activities? Are the cartel bosses unhappy with you because of semi-legal marijuana free from paraquat is causing them to lose money as well? But do we really need all that regulation of marijuana. I bet there are more prescription pill abusers than legal marijuana users in Colorado. I think that just to be fair that everyone who uses scheduled narcotics prescription drugs should need to register with the state and get a permit for their use just like medicinal marijuana. Where are all the billboards showing the bad things that happen with the improper use of marijuana…..you know like the methamphetamine billboards between here and Pueblo? Did you know meth is a schedule two drug and that Marijuana is a schedule one drug? Having seen the effects of both on people’s lives believe me you would rather have your kid on marijuana. But we have been told what to believe….and believe it most people do….. I attended a graduation party for a young man the other day and asked what he intended to do with himself out there in the world. He had no idea. He graduated at the ripe old age of 19. I was told that his reading and writing skill left much to be desired. Do we really need uneducated young people? No, we need educated young people with critical thinking skill, young people who are ready to take on the challenge of the next generation. But that would run contrary to what the progressives need. The progressives (read COMMUNIST) need compliant group think people to float the communist….I mean progressive platform, to hasten the demise of this country. On a grander scale, the Special Forces unit at Ft Carson was busy with combined training recently. Combined training is done with foreign troops. In this case Russian troops from where else but Russia. The Public Affairs Officer in charge of talking about the operation said that the exercises were the start of greater cooperation between the US and Russia in countering terrorism. The Public Affairs Officer then went on to deny or at least say what the exercise was not was a massive counter terrorist training exercise. Do we really need the Russians training here? Do we want the Russians training here? Yes, we need to train with our allies…..are the Russians our allies? This one is confusing me, for I have read contrary reports about our relationship with Russia. Last week I got word that troops at Ft. Carson are getting training in Martial Law Operations. Do we need our troops trained in Martial Law operations? In whose country but our own would our own troops conduct martial law operations.……kind of defies the constitutional tenants of the laws of our land. Guess a lot of the troops are kind of unhappy about the training. The troops don’t want to train for martial law. At least a lot of the troops are unhappy about it. Could it be that most politicians are on the same sheet of music? That for the total control of American citizens education, religion, and propaganda are needed. Yes! Without a creator from which our natural rights stem, without education to liberate our minds from darkness, and without the truth which is disguised in government propaganda campaigns…..we are the robots the elitist need for world dominance and the creation of their New World Order……. WOOF….Go read a book, liberate your mind. You need it whether you want to or not. What you want may be under someone else’s control….until you take control of your own future to get what you need. Just to think you weren’t even given a fair break in education.