Burn Restrictions Remain In Place

by Rick Langenberg:


Teller residents and visitors are still facing strict burn restrictions. That means locals must contact sheriff authorities, prior to burning trash, slash or performing any agricultural duties, whether they have a burn permit or not.  And any violators could get hit with much higher fines, under new county regulations. And if the current conditions get any worse, the region may experience its first official fire ban of the season.  Teller officials are currently meeting on a weekly basis to evaluate the fire situation.

Last week, the area received a slight scare when it got hit with several wildland and grass fires. The blazes, though, didn’t result in any structure damages or injuries. Throughout Colorado, rescue workers have been battling a significant fire in the northern part of the state. Burn restrictions, which have been imposed frequently in the last few months, were ordered again on May 18.  These restrictions don’t prohibit recreational campfires, but residents are asked to be extra cautious.