Letter to Green Mountain Falls Voters

Dear Editor: 

An open letter to Green Mountain Falls Voters

I'm hoping that I can count on your vote for mayor in the Town election. An experience mayor is essential to lead the way through some immediate challenges including recovery from the fire that destroyed Town Hall and Economic Sustainability- Figuring out how to provide services to our residents in the face of steadily declining revenues and ever increasing costs.
My volunteer service to Green Mountain Falls includes: Mayor 8 years, Town Trustee 9 years, Planning Commission 11 years, Bronc Day Chairman 3 years, GMF Trails Committee 28 years.
Some residents are calling for changes in how the Town does business. Some of my proposed changes to "Business as usual": are : Provide better opportunities for citizens to be heard.  Give our citizens the  confidence that they can make a difference. Show respect for citizen's opinions and listen carefully to citizen input at Board Meetings and on the street. I would like residents to feel their voices will be heard and that they can make a difference.
I will provide more opportunities for citizens to participate in Town government by forming  new citizen committees.
Please give me the chance to work with you to help protect Green Mountain Falls and make it an even better place to live.
Dick Bratton