by Jo Cervone

Source: http://www.csfreshink.com

It’s a mystery! So many people claiming their grandparents founded Woodland Park.  But who really “done it”?   Who were they?

There were early pioneers living in Summit Park in the 1870s. Then someone decided to change the name to Manitou Park. That was too confusing with Manitou Springs so in 1890 the name was finally changed again–this time to Woodland Park.

El Paso County at one time included Woodland Park.  By 1890 there were 122 inhabitants in the County, but only the legal voters (all males of course, leaving out the widows) names’ were recorded:  Albin, Baldwin, Binckley, Buckert, Burton, Cuppler, Dickson, Foster, Hemming, Hennessey, Hill, Huddleson, Knecht, Long, McMullen, Michlin, Pulver, Roe, Saunders, Steffa, Sponster, Sterry, Tueling, Walker, Warren, Williams, and Woomer.  So who were these early families?   Why did they come here?  What were their stories?

Moses Baldwin 1844 – 1912 “Father of Woodland Park”


The Ute Pass Historical Society is researching and writing a book on the early pioneers (anyone born before 1900) buried in the two Woodland Park Cemeteries.  Let’s solve the mysteries and preserve the heritage of these early pioneering families before it is forgotten.  Contact Laura Moncrief at lmoncrief@peakinet.net or the Historical Society at (719) 686-7512 to share your information.

Let’s solve the mystery of who really done it!!!