“If you want a new idea, go read an old book.” SEAUX It has gotten simpler to count the votes. So, whoever sits behind the voting machine programmer probably decides the next election…..just a thought. Go look up Rigged USA Elections Exposed testimony on YouTube. You might find it interesting that the next time you vote, you are voting for whoever the programmer was told you should vote for.

WOW! A person recently said about me “Trying to get information from you is like trying to get a drink from a fire hose”. Well, I never was too subtle in my endeavors and I do tend to throw a lot out there when I discuss a subject. But that’s what I get for having a big noggin’, thick skull and hard head. So I will try and break it down some and adopt the KISS principle…..Keep It Simple Stupid.

I ain’t saying anyone who reads these massive missives is stupid. I am sometimes stupid to think that everyone can keep up with my smelly old opinions. I said I would talk about the Prepper movement more this week, so down that road we go like a herd of racing turtles. Speaking of turtles, have you ever eaten a turtle? I haven’t, nor is it high on my list of delicacies, I prefer bear, elk, deer, slow elk(beef cattle), or a box of cereal. I would however eat a turtle if the situation arose and that was all that I had to eat. But do I know how to cook one? Now, many folks who have a rifle think they will just go out and knock down a rabbit or an elk. If the calamity endures long enough, there won’t be many of those left in short order because everyone will have the same idea. In fact during the “big one” (World War II) deer poaching was so bad that the deer population literally became extinct in the northeast united States. Damn the luck that I got used to eating real yummy processed, genetically modified food after I got out of the military. Now preppers come in all sizes and shape, some are in shape, some are out of shape, but we do need to remember that round is a shape. People are beginning to “prep” for all kinds of possibilities.

Economic collapse, alien invasion, oil and fuel shortages, general ignorance, or just any old thing that could disrupt things as they are. Remember, stores have about a two day supply of food. If gas reaches five dollars a gallon it will create a significant ripple in the way things were. So when you decide for yourself that you “wanna be a prepper too”, then you need to analyze your own particular situation and prep accordingly. Probabilities carry a lot of weight in what you should be “doing”. Possibilities abound, but you need to assign a “probability” weight to those possibilities. For instance, I wanna prep for an alien invasion. I guess an alien invasion might be possible, but is it likely or will an alien invasion probably happen? Hell, if I were an alien I would steer clear of planet earth because I wouldn’t want to get involved in the politics and besides, humans probably taste yucky. However, if you live in Missouri, along the New Madrid fault, close to the Mississippi River, you might consider the possibility of an earthquake. Now if that is the case, an earthquake could change the course of the Mississippi river from its current course to a new course that might be right through your bedroom or front yard. Now that would give a whole new meaning to a “wet dream” if the Mississippi came visiting on some night while you were sound asleep. Do you own a boat? If your house fall down and go boom do you have stuff elsewhere that you can rely on if all your stuff at home gets washed away? So look at your area and decide what natural disasters might befall you and/or your family.

Take a look at the seasons, what is the worst of weather you might endure, and what would you need to prepare for a worst case scenario? Take a look at your local economy and ecology. What would you do if the economy collapsed? Would you be one of the folks sitting down to a scrumptious meal of green backs and good faith? Or did you have the foresight to buy beans and rice. Oh yea, don’t forget seasoning, it helps prevent “appetite fatigue”. Appetite fatigue is where you eat the same thing all the time and you become so tired of the same thing that your body rejects the food. And you die. A friend of mine’s uncle was in a concentration camp during WWII. Food is the first precept in “Beans, Bullets, Band-aids, and Water”. Not necessarily in that order because you can live about two weeks without food but only a few days without water. Food…sustenance….the spark of our life is becoming better and better. Especially if you listen to our genetic engineers over at Montsano seeds about how they are helping us out.

Go read up on Montsano yourself if you really wanna know how the folks there are helping themselves. Now, the old guvmint, via the monkeys at the Department of Homeland Security who have never had to suffer through a disaster, tell us that we should keep about three days of food on hand. How long did it take before the aid started flowing to the victims of Katrina in New Orleans? Prolly longer than anyone cares to admit, and we all know how the guvmint is about admitting failure or short sighted plans.

Bottom line is that if the catastrophe was big enough that help may not come for some time…that is if you are inclined to wait for help. Well if you are one of those peeps, who believes in the government being your nanny, then three days worth of food is probably enough for you. But, if you are one of those people who believe in personal responsibility, then maybe you should go visit internet grocer.com and see what you can do for yourself. I always say hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Internet grocer has calculators for assisting with food requirements for your family. I am sure there are a number of other sites that have calculators to determine what and how much you will need. One of the things that I think that would be prudent don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. And don’t let one person carry both baskets. This is because our wonderful intelligence folks, police, or anyone else incapable of holding down a private sector job, truly believe that if a person has more than a few day’s supply of food…well, you might be a homegrown terrierist. Speaking of terriers, think about food for Spot and the puppies as well as the kitty cat. Now, one of the things that you can do as well is to buy a few books. I might recommend a book for here in Colorado, Dare To Prepare, by Holly Drennan Deyo. She also wrote a book called Garden Gold which has a wealth of information about gardening here in Colorado.

Another book, “When Technology Fails” talks about a lot of what, where’s, why’s and how’s, and can get your creative juices flowing. Think about it, SELF SUFFICIENCY, what a novel concept. Reference books are good to have on hand. If a natural disaster doesn’t shut down the internet, the government may do it for your own good. Get out there and read personal accounts of what hardships and dangers people faced during the depression…..it might come in handy. So what does it matter? Your life may depend on it. Welp! I am outta here. Gonna go check out a spot to plant a Milk Bone tree. I like it, a dual purpose plant for us dogs. Till next week when I will take a look at the second precept bullets…a means of personal security. “Were we directed from Washington when to sow, and when to reap, we should soon want bread”. Thomas Jefferson