The Attack on TABOR

A tisket, a tasket, a red and yellow basket, the politicians in Colorado filed a lawsuit because they couldn’t tax it. AAAAAAL ABOARD! The train is leaving the station, let’s go for a ride and you can decide…if TABOR, also known as the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, is a good thing or a bad thing. There are a bunch of big wheels up at the state level who are unhappy with us taxpayers riding herd on them and their special interest groups.

So what is TABOR? The Taxpayer Bill of Rights, also known as TABOR, is a concept advocated by conservative and free market libertarian groups, primarily in the United States, as a way of limiting the growth of government. It is not a charter of rights but a provision requiring that increases in overall tax revenue be tied to inflation and population increases unless larger increases are approved by referendum. Now a referendum is a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision.

Now we see the part about limiting government growth in that there law. Limiting government growth is bad for politicians because they can’t promise all their buddies jobs. Also, it requires the politicos up there at the state level to act responsibly with the taxpayers’ money. No blank checks, no special interest money, and a requirement to balance the budget.

Could you imagine being a politician who didn’t get a blank check to do all kinds of cool stuff with other people’s money? I mean if we had the TABOR Act at the Federal level Her Highness Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t have been able to earmark that $17 million dollar earmark for the development of fisheries in the Truk Islands. It just so happens that Nancy’s owns a major fishing endeavor in the area of the Truk Islands. I would imagine that this had something to do with the Truk Islands, a U.S. Protectorate, from receiving a minimum wage raise with the rest of the world. Good heaven forbid that Nancy’s hubby hafta pay those island people any more money. Not sure why they need money in the Truk Islands anyway because there isn’t much to be found in that neck of the woods.

Okay, so we have an attorney in Boulder, old boy by the name of HERB FENSTER, who doesn’t think that we the people should be watching the check book. He’s saying that states are required to have a republican form of government according to Article 4, Section 4, of the US constitution. He states that TABOR need to be tossed because TABOR denies we the people an effective representative democracy. The differ

Now wait a damn minute… we a republic or a democracy? Why did so many Democrats jump on this bandwagon supporting the lawsuit? I thought that’s what democrats were all about. Democracy…..alright, most people can’t tell you that we are in fact a representative republic, or at least we were once upon a day.

Is there a reason that there are more attorneys in the US legislature than any other profession?

I’m not buying into Fenster’s arguments about this lawsuit over TABOR. I think he’s just another attorney who is part of the ninety nine percent who give the other one percent a bad name. What is the agenda of the lawsuit?

There are those who will argue that, OMG!, Colorado is 44th in the amount of money we spend on each kid for education. That Colorado is ranked way down there on the quality of our roads. UHHHHH….when did the ranking turn into a contest to see who can be first in the amount of money spent?

When I was in the military and when I was a defense contractor I saw how the funding thing worked. The rule was to spend it all, yes, our entire budget, before the 1st of September each year. Spend it on toilet paper if nothing else. This was all because the powers that were wanted a larger budget so they could “grow” their organization. Hard to ask for more if you aren’t using what you already had in the rucksack. In fact it became something of a traditional purchasing frenzy at the end of each year. Never quite understood what was going on in that arena. I was a good soldier and did my job and bought the toilet paper. After I got out of the military I discovered what the defense contracting folks and a lot of officers in the military called a “self licking ice cream cone“. The “self licking ice cream cone“ is also something I never really understood. But it means a project that takes on a life of its own and requires very little effort to keep itself alive. It also generally involved a lot of waste for the government. That waste is the result of what many politicos feel is a blank check to do what they want with taxpayer money.

So, why is that relevant? Seems Herb Fenster spent most of his career in DC dealing with major weapons systems. This means Fenster is definitely tied in to the seat of corruption in this country, namely Washington DC. But old Herb has a less sinister motive. He believes in public education, passionately, so now we know his motivation. He wants more money for education. Yup, seems one of his points is that Denver schools only graduate about 45% of the kids who attend, while the suburbs are closer to a 90% graduation rate. Well, hello and good day….Fenster and company has found the way to improve inner city graduation rates. Throw money at the problem. I mean if I were a problem and someone through money at me I would go away and leave them all alone. In fact if they threw enough money at me I would move as far away as I could. Did I mention that Fenster sits on the boards of a number of educational organizations? To paraphrase old Paul Harvey, “Now we know the rest of the story.”

I would suspect that the TABOR lawsuit has very little to do with democracy or the republic and everything to do with Fenster’s penchant for education. So now it makes perfect sense why several of the co-plaintiffs are all involved in the education arena. HELLO FENSTER! WE AIN’T STUPID.

Problem with any social program is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

Alrighty, now that we are done chewing the fat, I am gonna head out dig up a bone and lay under the porch. By the way, just how wet does it hafta be before the fire ban is lifted?