Mountain Jackpot To the Editor

Mountain Jackpot
To the editor:

A truism of politics is that examples of self-interested elected officials who effortlessly demonstrate that public service is an oxymoron are never in short supply. That’s why Teller County residents should provide outgoing county treasurer Connie Joiner with a round of applause.

Unbeknownst to most residents, for years Connie has provided exemplary, if low-profile services to the county as our treasurer. Instinctively abjuring the limelight in favor of a tireless commitment to the public, Connie’s legacy of advancing the quality and integrity of the treasurer’s fiduciary responsibility to residents is as substantive as it will be long-lasting.

Best wishes to you Connie on the next chapter, and thanks for the superb services you’ve provided over the years.


Philip Mella
2018 Valley View Dr .
Woodland Park , CO 80863