Woodland Park School District Concludes Investigation Into False Curriculum Claim

The Following is a press release submitted by the Woodland Park School District


The Woodland Park School District (WPSD) has concluded its investigation into the recent allegation made by City Council Member Jeffrey Geer regarding a classroom assignment allegedly requiring students to “explain why not all slavery was bad.” After thoroughly interviewing the teacher and reviewing all relevant curricula and assignments, WPSD determined this claim was false; no such prompt was given to students during the school year.


The misinformation originated from a statement by Geer during a recent city council meeting, in which he claimed one of his son’s assignments included the prompt. The investigation identified that the confusion may have stemmed from a misinterpretation of the educational materials used in a history unit covering American slavery from 1619 to 1865.


One of the resources for this unit includes a YouTube video called “Summary of Slavery, Slavery a Crash Course, U.S. History #13.” This video presents different viewpoints about slavery during the early American period, including a viewpoint that some Southerners tried to argue there were benefits to slavery. This lesson in no way argues that “not all slavery was bad,” although it explains how some slave owners argued in favor of slavery.


The district emphasizes that its curriculum is designed to portray history comprehensively and accurately, educating students on the complexities of history.


WPSD is committed to ensuring all instructional materials and assignments adhere to educational standards that promote a truthful and respectful understanding of history. The district will continue to monitor and review its curriculum to uphold these standards.


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