Civic Leaders’ Support Nakai for Council Seat

Dear Editor:

If you are among the vast majority who supported and voted for one of us in the last city election in April of this year, please consider Catherine Nakai for your vote in the current municipal election for City Council.

Catherine is the right person at the right time for Woodland Park City Council. Her approach is sensible and reasonable in discussing the real issues, which will positively promote a healthy deliberative process. She is a volunteer of impeccable integrity, strength and the courage to stand strong for her principles and for the best interests of the residents of our community. She brings no preconceived agenda or personal bias—only her desire to serve the people of Woodland Park. Her calm demeaner and civility will be a breath of fresh air in council chambers.

Therefore, once again, whether you are among the 65% who voted for one of us in April 2020 or not, please join us in voting for Catherine Nakai for city council. Our wonderful city will be in good and caring hands.


                Kellie Case

                Dar Naccarato

                Noel Sawyer