My life

 A snapshot.

~ by Amanda Enloe ~

I delivered my very first presentation to a very important office on a day where my boss was doing a field ride with me and evaluating my performance. He would take notes during my presentation and recap with me as to what I did well and what I could do to get better for next time.
My presentation completed and it was spot on, I could feel my confidence skyrocket to the point that it began to manifest itself into that cocky kind of swagger where everyone knows that you know you did well.
And here is where my Amanda-ness kicks in.
The swagger takes me up to the front of the room, next to the buffet table, where I proceed to trip and fall over absolutely nothing. I manage to catch myself before I face plant and stand back up. I reach to pick up my presentation bag and swing it back over my shoulder and, in doing so, knock my bag against the platters of chicken fajitas and send all my catered meals to the floor.
But the fun doesn’t stop there.
When I bent down to salvage any food items I can (again, still in front of the office staff and my boss) my dress splits down the back.
Hurriedly, my boss rushes me out to the car. He jumps into the passenger seat and we sit in deafening silence for a moment before he turns to me. “So…what do you think you could have done better?”