Protest In Woodland Park

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~ by Trevor Phipps ~

Round two of a series of peaceful protests took place last Saturday starting at 9 a.m. at the Woodland Station property in the downtown part of the city. The event was led by Deanne Garman and it started with her saying a prayer on a PA system at Bert Bergstrom Park. During the Saturday morning event, several people showed up holding signs on the sides of Highway 24. Many of the signs said, “Open up Teller County” and other ones talked more about freedom. Many cars driving by on the highway honked in support of the protesters including Woodland Park Police cars and local ambulances. After an hour or so nearly 100 people could be seen in front of the Historic Ute Inn and Bert Bergstrom Park. “We must live by the rule of law in this nation, that is true,” Teller citizen Keith McKim said during the protest. “But we can’t forget that the main law, the only law, is the constitution. Everything else emanates from that, they are violating our laws and our rights.” The Ute Inn had their doors open and they were giving away coffee and donuts but they were not open for food or alcohol sales. Many came out to support the local restaurant since it has been closed for two months. For the full article stay tuned to next week and read the newspaper when it comes to over 100 locations in the Teller County area every Tuesday.