Businesses In Manitou Springs Striving to Survive During Stay At Home Order

photo byBabu's Kitchen & Bar

~ by Gabriel Paulson ~

  In an effort to not suffer too much during the state-wide shutdown of non-essential businesses and the travel advisory issued by Gov. Jared Polis,  many businesses in Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City are doing their best to hang in there and keep their doors open to weather the storm.

Old Colorado City held a virtual First Friday Arts Walk on April 3, featuring an online tour of the area’s galleries, and has withheld requests to postpone its annual Territorial Days, normally scheduled for the weekend of Memorial Day, as hope holds out that things will return to normal by the end of April.

Local parks remain open for hiking and bicycle riding, although social distancing guidelines are encouraged and playground areas have been declared off-limits. Parking is free in most of Manitou Springs, as pay stations have been covered, with the exception of the parking lot for the Barr Trail, which remains open.

The Incline was closed by the Manitou Springs City Council and the shuttle has stopped running. Bus service between Manitou Springs and downtown Colorado Springs remains in service, however.

Restaurants open for take out service only are: Red Dog Coffee, 739 Manitou Ave.; Manitou Brewing Company, 725 Manitou Ave.; Swirl Wine Bar, 717 Manitou Ave.; Adam’s Mountain Cafe, 26 Manitou Ave.; Subway, 302 Manitou Ave.; Heart of Jerusalem Cafe, 718 Manitou Ave., offering take out, delivery and coffee orders; Keg Lounge, 730 Manitou Ave.; Good Karma, 110 Canon Ave., take out and delivery; Loft Espresso,. 934 Manitou Ave., take out only; D Vine Wine, 934 Manitou Ave., carry our only; Sahara Cafe, 954 Manitou Ave., take out and delivery only; Armadillo Ranch, 962 Manitou Ave., pick up and delivery only; Oka Ramen, 964 Manitou Ave., delivery and pick up only; Mate Factor, 966 Manitou Ave., pick up and delivery only; Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen Pizza, 9 Ruxton Ave., delivery and pick up only; The Loop, 965 Manitou Ave., to go only; Babu’s Kitchen, 915 Manitou Ave., take out and delivery only; Townhouse Sports Bar, 907 Manitou Ave., take out only; and the Colorado Custard Company, 906 Manitou Ave., window service only.

In Old Colorado City, all restaurants and coffee shops are open for delivery or take out orders, with the exception of Bon Tons, Jake and Telly’s, Happy Belly Tacos, Jorge’s and IHop, which are closed until further notice.

The following businesses in Manitou Springs remain open, providing what they consider essential services: House of Jerky, 715 Manitou Ave., limited weekend hours only; Maggie’s Farm, 141 Manitou Ave., open normal business hours, but only for picking up orders that have been placed on line; Emerald Fields, 27 Manitou Ave,. open reduced

photo by the B & B Team

hours, but only for picking up orders that have been placed online; Colorado Vape, 744 Manitou Ave., open reduced hours; Gold Miner’s Candy and Nuts, 110 Canon Ave., open limited hours; Tubby’s Turnaround, 106 Manitou Ave.; D&D Liquor, 1108 Manitou Ave.; Smoking Gift Headquarters, 918 Manitou Ave.; Olive Tap, 906 Manitou Ave.; Inclinables, 906 Manitou Ave.; Jack’s Liquor, 304 Manitou Ave.; 13 Trees Coffee, 306 Manitou Ave.; and Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce, 354 Manitou Ave., open with reduced hours.

In Old Colorado City, medical marijuana dispensaries and CBD shops are open during normal business hours and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, 2431 Colorado Ave, is open with reduced hours for picking up of online orders and out of state shipping only, but plans are underway to begin offering delivery services throughout Colorado Springs in the coming weeks.