A Public “thanks”

I am not fortunate enough to be a citizen of Woodland Park, but I will say that it is my favorite get-away place, just up the mountain. It is where, just by crossing the county line, I breathe a sigh of relief in getting away from all the chaos that is Colorado Springs, Denver, etc. If I can’t be a resident, I’ll settle for being a frequent visitor of all your festivals, fundraisers, etc.

Long before there was a need for civic interaction because of a virus I have been watching a Woodland Park resident in constant action to help wherever help was needed.  Kellie Case jumps into to help even before the alarms are sounded. As a former member of Teller County Regional Animal Shelter (TCRAS), Kellie constantly advocates for all of God’s creatures great and small.  This was how and when I first became aware of Kellie nearly 15 years ago. 

To list the board memberships, volunteer organizations, personal and professional relationships she has nurtured would be an article for which you may not have enough space. Kellie gives of her talents and care in areas that are not for professional, political or personal gain.  Long before she was a City Council member and a current Mayoral candidate, Kellie was the one filling sandbags, fostering animals, getting shelves filled and needs met for the Senior Coalition, taking a two-hour trip to bring a sick friend some much needed sustenance, heading up the Holiday Home Tour which benefits not only those of us regulars who make it a yearly outing – but also the countless organizations which have been monetary benefactors over the past 21 years.  

Thankfully this is not all Kellie does – who would have time for a career?  That would be Kellie as well. Contributing to her community is not something she does in her “spare” time.  Prior to becoming a successful realtor, Kellie served the City of Woodland Park as the Finance Director for 17 years.  Perhaps it’s that experience from working on the inside of the city that helps her anticipate the needs outside of a city office building.  Regardless of how busy, Kellie makes time to serve wherever the needs arise. There is nothing “part-time” about Kellie Case. And how she does it, I’ll never know.

I am writing to send a public “thanks” to Kellie Case for being that person we all wished we had as a friend.  I am blessed to be one of those friends but then again so are thousands of individuals who have worked, volunteered and served beside her. It takes but a minute after meeting her to recognize her compassionate heart inside this leader of a woman who delivers more than she promises, every time.

I could say that in writing this Kellie probably won’t have the time to read this public thank you with all the gathering food of for your local school lunches (which are not happening due to virus precautions) or toiletries and supplies (which she also delivers) to the local seniors and the Senior Coalition.  But to say that would be erroneous on my part. She will read this and knowing her as I do, a few tears may be gracing her eyes all the while wondering why someone would write this. That’s your Kellie.

I wish I could write something like this for one of our political members here in the Springs, but I scarcely see them in action unless it’s an election year.  It matters not what year it is but what need there is when you see Kellie Case in action.

If you are fortunate enough to be a resident of Teller County, please go out and vote. If I could, I would certainly vote for the individual who puts their campaign promises into action, decades before, during and after running for office. 

To Kellie, my sincerest thanks to you for all you do for so many. I am blessed to know you and honored to be your personal and professional friend.


Lisa Waltman

Colorado Springs