Green Mountain Falls committees looking for volunteers

If you want to make a difference in Green Mountain Falls, now is your chance.

The GMF community has several vital advisory board volunteer positions currently open. These groups are often overlooked and their important role was emphasized during the recent comprehensive master plan, adopted in 2019.

An advisory board sends recommendations to the Board of Trustees for final decisions. Citizens have the opportunity to make their voices and those of friends and family heard through service on one of the following:

Planning Commission: This group sends recommendations to the Board of Trustees for final decision and adoption of land use concerns, zoning, right of way issues plan approval and many more. This commission is designed to keep Green Mountain Falls the beautiful and safe place that it has become.

Trails Committee: This long-established committee is fairly self-explanatory. The Trails Committee is concerned with all things Trails. They are instrumental for everything from design and development to up keep and care.

Fire Mitigation Committee: This is a newly formed group, tasked with implementing the best practices in the area of fire mitigation. They will use resources such as the National and State Forest services to accomplish goals that keep fuel loads to a minimum.  They will seek and secure funding from grants to accomplish the objectives of the Committee and provides education to the public on ways to mitigate fire danger on private property.

Parks and Recreation Committee: The purpose of this committee is to seek public input as to recreation facilities and the parks in the Town, then to analyze and prioritize the needs of citizens and the capabilities of the town to implement suggestions. They will also be concerned with the upkeep of current facilities as well as upgrading existing infrastructure.

The appointments will be for varying terms. Please contact Town Hall by phone 719-684-9414 or email with any questions.

The time involved is a minimum of about 30 hours a year for meetings.

To apply for any (or all) of the available opportunities, please follow the link below and submit the completed information to Town Hall.