Candidates’ Forum Set For Thursday at Double Eagle

~ by Rick Langenberg ~

With the Nov.5 election approaching and with residents receiving their ballots this week, many questions have arisen regarding their forthcoming votes.

One of the more important local elections hinges on the Cripple Creek municipal contest during which voters will pick a new mayor and cast tallies on two council positions and several ballot propositions. This is regarded as a pivotal election as it marks the first time in a number of years that term limits comes into play, with several long-time leaders, such as Mayor Bruce Brown, having to step down.

A candidates’ forum has been scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 17, hosted by the Double Eagle casino, starting at 6 p.m. The forum, allowing residents to get to know the candidates better and to understand their stand on key issues, is being facilitated by TMJ News. It will feature candidate introductions and closing remarks, along with questions from the media and public. Plus, a representative from the city will outline the ballot questions facing the voters, including the bid for sports betting.

The forum is timed to give voters a chance to learn more about the candidates and the main issues facing the city, prior to completing their ballots. Ballots will be mailed out to all Teller voters on Monday, Oct. 14. But they probably won’t receive these ballots until later this week.

This is the first candidates’ forum held in Cripple Creek in a number of years.

The election in Cripple Creek features a square off between Meghan Rozell and Milfred Ashworth for the head mayoral spot. In addition, Tom Litherland and Nancy McDonald are the contenders for Ward 4. And in Ward 5, Charles Solomone is running unopposed.

Plus, Cripple Creek voters will face three ballot questions, sponsored by the city. These deal with requests for freeing the city from the current requirements for posting complete ordinances, resolutions and expenses in a designated newspaper. These measures would allow the government to use their website and social media outlets, instead, for the far majority of these postings. Also, local voters will cast tallies on signaling the green light for professional sports betting to occur at licensed casino operations. This latter issue, if approved would only go into effect if the state-wide sports betting measure, Proposition DD, gets the okay by the majority of voters.

For complete information on the Nov. 5 election and the variety of races and ballot questions, see related story this week in TMJ, or visit our website at Frequent election updates will occur in the next few weeks.