Wanted Felon Found In Teller County With An Arsenal Of Guns And Ammo

~by Trevor Phipps ~

Due to Teller County’s rural and desolate atmosphere, the area has always been a place where criminals come in order to hide. A classic example of this scenario is when the “Texas Seven” was apprehended in a Woodland Park campground. Recently, an incident took place involving a potentially dangerous criminal and the scenario could have ended very badly.


On January 10, 2018 the Teller County Sheriff’s Office was notified by police in Avon, CO, a town located west of Vail that a wanted felon may be in Teller County. The Avon Police Department issued a felony stalking warrant out for the 37 year old former employee of Centura Health Hospital in Avon, Jeffrey Lawn. The warrant came about after the Avon Police department received complaints that Lawn had threatened a former co-worker. According to the Avon Police, Lawn had made several statements threatening violent retaliation against hospital employees.


The threats made by Lawn were serious enough to send the Avon Police out looking for him. They contacted the Teller County Sheriff’s Office when they received information that Lawn may be at a wilderness survival training camp located within Teller county.


Sheriff’s deputies took the situation seriously and went out to the wilderness survival camp that is located near Cripple Creek. Upon arrival, the sheriff’s deputies were able to arrest Jeffrey Lawn without any incident. When they arrested Lawn they found that the man was armed to the gills. When arrested Lawn was carrying an AK47 assault rifle, a .308 caliber rifle, and a glock hand gun. Along with the guns, Lawn had in his possession over a thousand rounds of pistol and rifle ammunition.

It is obvious that this situation could have ended in a worse way than it did. After being arrested, Jeffrey Lawn quickly posted his $10,000 bail and was released from Teller County Jail. The Avon Police department is still investigating the alleged threats.


As TCSO Commander Greg Couch said in a press release, “In spite of the fact that Lawn surrendered to law enforcement, his arrest may have prevented other crimes.”